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Every state has unemployment benefits, and we want to be your first point of contact to help you navigate through them. We have created this guide to simplify the process of using them.

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There are many state sponsored training programs available to unemployed workers. They vary in type and cost, however they are all valuable resources that you should look into.

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Local governments often have an inside scoop on job opportunities and career paths that you may want to participate in. Research their listings and resources to learn more.

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Unemployment insurance is handled by state officials, and should only be handled by official UI offices. There are many third-party organizations that offer to assist individuals with filing a claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits. These organizations are often engaged unknowingly by individuals who use basic keyword searches in Google or other search engines. These websites, not affiliated with the state unemployment offices or the United States Department of Labor, often feature write-ups on unemployment insurance programs and law and interactive maps of the states.

Unemployment Insurance claimants should never enter personal information on these types of sites. The only bona fide website for filing an unemployment insurance claim is the official unemployment insurance office in your state. Those choosing to file a claim with their respective state will be redirected to a separate secure site with a web address beginning with “https” and is operated by their state.

There should never be a fee charged to file a claim for benefits and you should never be asked for your credit card information in order to file a claim. Please be sure you have contacted the correct website prior to entering any personal information. In short, be careful when you file for unemployment.